Beginner hiking

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Please check out the website hiking link below.

Friendly, free to join Meet-Up for Beginner Hiking Group.

Come along with me for an hour of fun filled hiking, while enjoying all the benefits of exercise.

You are more than welcome to bring GUESTS and kids are free. Friendly Pets are welcome too!

Happy Hiking,

Brendalee Jackson...your Organizer. 

Welcome to Hiking for Beginners in Cambridge!

Friendly, free to join Hiking Meetup Group.

This Meet-up group meets every 4 weeks in winter and every 3 weeks the rest of the year. Most hikes are on Saturday morning at 10am. Hikes usually lasts for 1 hour unless specified. In late spring, summer and early fall, the time changes to 9:30am due to the heat. 

It’s great for beginners, people getting back into it, experience hikers or people just wanting to learn the hiking trails of this area.

We have over 1800 member hikers and each week it grows. Don't let that worry you, as we usually get anywhere from 15-25 hikers out for each hike. It's a great way to get out, get some exercise, enjoy the scenery and learn about the trails in the area. Plus you get to meet a great bunch of hikers. 

It's free to join and a donation of $2.00 is greatly appreciated only if you're going on that particular hike. It helps pay for the cost of this Meet-up group website.