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​  Specializing in Health Issues and Disabilities in Cambridge

Services & Pricing

Get Active, Live Longer, Live Healthier! 

80% Better success with a Personal Trainer. 

Personal training in your home or at a private studio at 

Peak Performance Health Centre ​in Cambridge. 


Total Body Fitness - Designed to strengthen the cardiovascular
system, firm up, tone muscles, boost balance, flexibility, and

endurance. It’s a full body workout, using dumbbells,

resistance bands, balance boards, exercise balls and more. 

Nutrition coaching and weight loss tips are available and included

in the price.

Rates for Service in Cambridge are for 1 hour:  Additional cost for travel outside of Cambridge. 

1/2 hr Rates Available.

1 Time per week:     $55.00

2 Times per week:   $53.00

3 Times per week:   $50.00

Share the cost. 2 can train for the price of 1. Add a 3rd person for an additional $20.00.

​Buy a package of 10 sessions and save 5%.

Rates for Private Studio in Cambridge for 1 hour. Full facility rehab gym. 

1 Per week: $60.00

2 Per week: $58.00

3 Per week: $55.00

Buy a package of 10 sessions and save 5%.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, experience, have health issues or Special Needs, all sessions will be tailored to your ability. Equipment  can be supplied or equipment can be added to your existing exercise equipment. 

Programs consist of, strength training, cardio training, flexibility training, balance training, core training, toning, stability ball, weights, mini trampoline (re-bounder), Pilates, Yoga, bands, wobble board, swivel board, walking, jogging, swimming, the list is endless except for our imagination.

Personal fitness solutions for Mental health, Depression, Injured, Special Needs, Autism, Cognitive Issues or Physically handicapped, for a healthier lifestyle. Please check out the button under "Injury & Special Needs" and "Health Issues", for more information. 

Gift certificates available. Give the gift of health. 

Serving the Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener & Waterloo area.


Group Exercises classes are available. Personal training in a group setting. It can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels.​​ For more information please click on the "Exercise Classes"Button.

Corporate Group Training Rates: You can select a 30, 45, or 50 minute individual training session or group session. Please contact me for group rates. 

Please contact Brendalee Jackson for further information at: 519-574-0288 or bajackson@rogers.com