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​  Specializing in Health Issues and Disabilities in Cambridge

"Brendalee has supported me in my quest to lose weight and get in shape. Her expertise in fitness and knowledge of nutrition has been invaluable to me. Her upbeat demeanor is always welcome at the end of my busy days!
I particularly appreciate her extensive experience in working with individuals with previous injuries and her "we work to pain, not from pain" philosophy.  I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done and taught me!"
 Joan Hoy

Hi, I am 44year old man that needed to loose weight, and learn better eating habits. So I called up Brendalee and she started coming to the house twice a week. Brendalee has been able to teach me the proper eating habits, and the correct exercises for me to be able to reach my goals. After 4 months of training with her and eating right, I have been able to shed 30 lbs. I would recommend Brendalee to anyone needing a push in the right direction.
Thanks Brendalee
 Richard Bock

Thank you so much for helping me reach my goals. I am so happy with the weight I have already lost! You have given me the tools to make this part of my lifestyle.

Thanks again, Alyssa M.

“Brendalee taught me about proper weight training and did a great job in helping me get toned up after I’d lost 50lbs by just doing cardio”

Chris R

"I love how Brendalee pays such attention to my personal challenges with fibromyalgia and when we first started working out she spent hours working a plan for working out, designed for me personally; and to date she has continued to research the best way that everyday works specifically for me.

Brendalee has allowed me to take small steps that have added up to such improved strength and fitness for me.

The best part of her coming to my house is, on days that I don't want to let her in the door or my body is very sore; she still insists on coming in and working out with me and inevitably, I feel better for doing it. If I had to go to a gym, most days I would never make it.

I really recommend her and really really appreciate her even when I don't feel I want her there. Thank you Brendalee."

Melody Johnson

We learned allot from Brendalee and you can too!  Not only fitness, but she also is a great advisor on proper form and eating tips if the goal is weight loss and maintenance as well as fitness.  My husband and I learned how to have fitness success without the high cost of a gym membership.

Barb Heppler.

 I am a middle age guy that was looking to get in shape and try to be more appealing to the ladies . I contacted Brenda and loved her personality right away, not to mention her GrEAT BODY. I worked out with her 3 times a week and strengthened my core, lost the flubber around the mid section. You can actually see the improvements after 4 weeks. I would suggest Brenda to any one looking to learn more about your body and looking to get in shape. She is a truly beautiful person.
 Blake Schmitt

Group Exercise and Boot Camp Testimonials

This Testimonial comes from a boot camper that has just moved away...It has been a pleasure taking bootcamp!  You are a wonderful instructor and wish you continued success and health.

Take care,

What to do for the next couple of weeks until Outdoor Boot Camp starts? You definitely inspire me to keep coming out for classes each week. I will have to force myself to go out for walks instead! See you soon!
Shelley M.

I didn't know what to expect when I joined Brendalee's Boot Camp. But I do not regret it at all. It's a fun way to exercise to lose those pounds and tone up those muscles. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get into better shape.
Thanks Brendalee!

I'm a rookie in your Tues/Thurs Bootcamp, and I'd like to say I'm loving it! I'm actually motivated to give my fitness a priority for the first time in years! Thank you!
Krista Lancaster

Truly worth your drive ... I come every Monday and Wednesday night to boot camp from the far side of Waterloo (near St. Jacobs market). It has been worth every once of gas I use to see Brendalee. She makes the class fun at the same time she makes you work. Some days you sweat until it comes through your shirt some days you don't but beware the morning after you will be sore!! I love the little helpful health tips she give while doing our training and her new Facebook page.. great info which has helped me great results. I have personally lost 7 lbs in 5 weeks and have my muscles back, defined muscles. Whoever thought 3 lb weights and ball would make your body burn..??
Thank you Brendalee for all you have taught me!!
Sheena Holzamer

Thank you Brendalee! I went dress shopping last night and for the first time in a while it was a positive experience! I was able to buy a medium and I know it is because of the inches I lost doing the bootcamp! I will definitely be back in the fall! Hopefully still the same size! Thank you very much!

My husband signed us both up for Brendalee's boot camp earlier this summer. I asked him to find me something that he would go with me and he did. At first I was reluctant in going to the class but once we got going I looked forward to working out again. He headed back to Atlanta, GA the end of September and I continued going on my own. Met some amazing ladies as well! Some days you sweat more than you thought you possibly could and others not so much. But you definitely feel it in your muscles the next day! I have lost 16 lbs since I started boot camp and feel great! Thank you Brendalee for getting me back in shape!! I will definitely miss your classes but am going to do the workouts you taught me at home back here in Georgia!!

Update from Kristin: I so miss your classes! I'm doing boot camp down here but it's nothing like yours!
Kristin Merrifield

I really enjoy your classes!! It has been the one exercise routine I have been able to stick too. To be honest I hate exercise!! I just find it so boring and tedious but working with the weights and the ball has made it so much more fun for me. I also see a difference in my body which is great!! I look forward to your classes every week and truly enjoy every minute of it!! :-)
Berjen Botelho

I joined Brendalee's Fall Slim & Trim Boot Camp and knew from the first class that I was going to love it!  She is a dynamic, informative instructor who takes the time to explain proper form and why certain exercises work better than others.
The classes are fun and effective, I felt my body starting to change after only a few weeks. I am definitely in for the next session

I'm hooked!
Sandi Nicholls

I absolutely love your classes, and look forward to doing my 3rd session with you.
Erin Maile

Brendalee is a great coach and a real motivator for fitness. My daughter and I love her boot camps, we are never bored, intimidated or out of place...we love that Brendalee is so encouraging no matter what level of fitness you are currently at.
Lisa Fleming

Your boot camp has been really good has helped my lower back problems and I like that you explain what the parts of the body the exercise works.
Marg Black